One of the priorities of OJSC “GF” is to support active women-entrepreneurs doing business in all sectors and regions of Kyrgyzstan and in the implementation of their business plans.

During direct meetings with entrepreneurs, consultations conducted by employees of OJSC “GF”, primarily regional representatives, women-entrepreneurs are always invited. They receive consultations on obtaining guarantees, participation in the programs of OJSC “GF”, assistance in drawing up business plans.

Thanks to this cooperation, more and more women are applying for guarantees of OJSC “GF”. For example, according to the results of three quarters of 2020, 544 out of 1271 guarantees were provided to women- entrepreneurs. In total, during the whole period of activities of OJSC “GF” and as of September 30, 2020, they received 1081 guarantees (out of 2873 guarantees).

Among women-entrepreneurs are representatives of all regions, including export-oriented industries – garment makers, agricultural producers, processors, representatives of the service sector, tourism.