Meetings with employees of banks in Batken and Osh regions were useful

Partner banks.

Specialists of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” (OJSC “GF”) – head of the Regional Development Department K. Aaliev and head of the Consulting Services Department A. Davlesov at the beginning of June, were on a business trip in Batken and Osh regions, where they conducted seminars on guarantees and activities of OJSC “GF” in general for employees of banks and entrepreneurs.

 Batken region

From June 4 to June 6, OJSC “GF” specialists were in Batken region where together with the regional representative of OJSC “GF” Akylbek Orozov they conducted seminars for employees of branches of partner banks and local entrepreneurs. In particular, 21 people attended in Isfana town and 22 people in Sulukta town.

On June 5, three similar seminars were conducted. In Batken there were 25 attendees, 4 of them representing the banking sector – Aiyl Bank, Bakai Bank, RSK Bank and CB Kyrgyzstan, the rest – entrepreneurs and representatives of local authority (ayil ökmötü).

In Kadamzhai 14 representatives of banks (Aiyl Bank, RSK Bank, Kompanion Bank) and entrepreneurs took part in the seminar.

Representatives of five banks attended the seminar in Kyzyl-Kiya: Demir Bank, CB Kyrgyzstan, RSK Bank, BTA Bank and Bakai Bank.

During the seminars, the attendees received comprehensive information on guarantees and activities of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”, projects and programs aimed at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises. An exchange of views took place, explanations were given on the issues of consultations and business planning.

Osh region

A trip to the districts of Osh region took place according to the established schedule. Planned meetings with the heads and loan specialists of branches of partner banks were held.

On June 6, meetings were held in Nookat district with the employees of Aiyl Bank, CB Kyrgyzstan, KICB and FINCA Bank.

Meetings were held in Kara Sui district with the employees of the banks RSK Bank and CB Kyrgyzstan.

In Osh city, a seminar was conducted for the employees of KICB bank and was attended, in particular, by 11 loan officers.

On June 7, the meetings continued in Uzgen town with the employees of the banks Aiyl Bank, Halyk Bank, CB Kyrgyzstan, and from CB Kyrgyzstan there were 10 attendees – specialists from Uzgen and Kurshab branches.

Meetings were held in Kara-Kuldzha district with employees of Aiyl Bank, RSK Bank, Bank Kompanion, CB Kyrgyzstan.

On June 8, the employees of OJSC “GF” arrived in the village Gulcho in Alay district, where they held meetings with the managements and employees of the local branches of Aiyl Bank and RSK Bank.

The final seminars were conducted in Aravan district. Heads of the branches and loan specialists of Aiyl Bank, RSK Bank and CB Kyrgyzstan attended the seminars.

During the meetings, the booklets of OJSC “GF” were distributed, presentations on guarantees were made and then there were discussions with entrepreneurs and bank employees on various issues, in particular, the possibility of detailed consultations on guarantees, a package of documents, period for considering and decision-making by OJSC “GF”.

Entrepreneurs were especially interested in consultations, assistance in business planning, as well as sectors and industries supported by OJSC “GF” and other issues.

         Summing up the results of the trip and conducted seminars, the employees of OJSC “GF” noted the usefulness, importance and necessity of regular meetings with entrepreneurs and bankers, especially in regions of Kyrgyzstan.