The Kyrgyz model in action

According to reports from Tajikistan, 600 guarantees have already been issued to entrepreneurs for obtaining loans from local banks. A new financial instrument – a guarantee – is being successfully adopted in the neighboring republic.

We note with satisfaction that the basis of the guarantee system of Tajikistan is the Kyrgyz model of guarantee funds. Only at the beginning of October, we announced the issuance of the first 23 guarantees in Tajikistan, and within less than a month the figure rose to an incredible indicator – 600!

The reason for such a rapid rate of use of guarantees is, of course, in the great need for loan resources among entrepreneurs of Tajikistan and the issues with providing adequate collateral. This is typical for all post-Soviet republics.

It is gratifying that Tajikistan has introduced a guarantee system according to our Kyrgyz model. This fact proves that ideas can be exported as well as goods!