In the Republic of Tajikistan 23 guarantees have been issued by their Guarantee Fund based on the Kyrgyz model of Guarantee Funds!

The Guarantee Fund in the Republic of Tajikistan, created on the basis of the Kyrgyz model, provided entrepreneurs with 23 guarantees for loans.

The creation of the Guarantee Fund in the Republic of Tajikistan was preceded by the study of Tajik colleagues of the Kyrgyz two-tier model of Guarantee Funds, the thematic seminars and distance learning with the involvement of the Chairman of the Board of the OJSC “Guarantee Fund” M.-A. Abakirov and applying his works of authorship.

Establishment of Guarantee Funds outside the Kyrgyz Republic precisely on the basis of the Kyrgyz model is an obvious recognition and vivid confirmation of the highly effective and successful activities of the OJSC “Guarantee Fund” in supporting SMEs already in the international arena.