In 2020, one employee of OJSC “GF” became a student at Harvard University, the other – a student at the University of Padua

Our staff!

In 2020, one of the employees of the Guarantee Fund (who did not want to be public out of modesty) entered the most prestigious US university – Harvard University. The young man is very purposeful and ambitious in a good sense of the word. Prior to that, he graduated from the Faculty of Economics in English of the Kyrgyz University with foreign participation. He dreams to work in marketing. He is fond of reading books on marketing, PR and advertising, self-development. Among his favorite authors are David Ogilvy, Joseph Sugerman, Simon Sinek and others.

Another young colleague of ours this year entered the master program of the University of Padua in Italy, studying at the Faculty of Political Science. Program is conducted in English. Prior to that, she completed an internship in project management in Brussels. The projects were related to human rights, as well as the development of media, marketing and public relations. She believes that international experience is very important for the country’s development. She enjoys learning new cultures, new languages. She thinks cultural exchange between countries, exchange of experience and knowledge are especially important. She dreams of traveling the whole world. In addition to political science, marketing, she is also interested in classical literature.

These are our talented, purposeful young specialists. In general, there are a lot of those in the team, including management, who are fluent in English, Japanese, Turkish. Many employees regularly undergo professional retraining at courses and seminars, there are holders of CAP certificates.

It is common knowledge that the success of any organization depends on the correct personnel policy. Nobody canceled the selection and placement of personnel. But now they are filled with a professional meaning.

At the OJSC “Guarantee Fund” a high standard was initially set for candidates for a job – specialized education, professional experience, increased responsibility, the ability to work in a team. Ability to generate ideas, be stress-resistant and sociable is always welcome.

By the way, Harvard was founded in 1636 (!), dozens of Nobel laureates, several presidents, including Franklin Roosevelt, graduated from it.

And the University of Padua is considered the oldest in the world after the University of Bologna. Galileo Galilei himself once taught here, such outstanding people as the astronomer Nikolai Copernicus and the Belarusian first printer Francysk Skaryna studied here.

We hope that the knowledge of our staff, gained abroad, will serve the development of the guarantee system in Kyrgyzstan!