Dear colleagues and partners!

My sincere congratulations with Bank Employee Day!

To be a bank employee was always a prestigious and responsible at the same time job. This job requires high professional level, accuracy and ability to adapt to a rapidly developing financial services market. On this day we would like to wish sustainability, success and prosperity! As banks make their own contribution to financial wealth of our country, we wish our mutual partnership will be appreciated.

In the economic growth of the country there is a great achievement of the banking sector, and first of all the banks, which are entrusted with the functions of financing the priority state, international and private programs. Today the banking activity is not only scrupulous, precise work with documents, numbers, money or property, but the most important work is working with people. Attentiveness, politeness, cleanliness are permanent features of a modern bank employee. The job of the bank employee today is aimed at meeting the requirements of citizens for quality service, affordable loan products and 24-hour support.

We would like to wish our partners to successfully cope with given tasks, be creative and strong in solving problems of qualified service and increasing the number of customers, as well as personal professional achievements, good health to you and your family!

Best regards,

M.B. Abakirov  

Chairman of the Board of OJSC «Guarantee Fund”