Guarantees are issued to regional entrepreneurs through the branches of partner banks located throughout the republic. How many branches from the total number are involved in the process of issuing guarantees?

Following the results of the first half of the year, the following pattern emerges:

Halyk Bank – 10 out of 10 branches (absolute result!)

Bank of Asia – 9 out of 9 (absolute result!)

Bakai Bank – 8 out of 9

Aiyl Bank – 30 out of 33 (the overall best result)

KICB – 13 out of 17

Demir Bank _ 5 out of 14

BTA Bank – 4 out of 15

Companion – 7 out of 18

Kyrgyzstan – 20 out of 34

FINKA Bank – 9 out of24

RSK Bank – 28 out of 51 (the second highest result by the number of affiliates involved.


As for guarantees, as of August 5, 2019, OJSC “Guarantee Fund” approved 923 guarantees for a total amount of 1.2 billion KGS.

Partner Banks approved loans in the amount of 4.2 billion KGS under the guarantees of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”.

Since the beginning of this year, 267 guarantees have been approved in the amount of 469.2 million KGS. Partner Banks approved loans in the amount of 1.4 billion KGS