Loans and guarantees.

On May 13, at the Hotel Tagaytay in Karakol, on the initiative of the RKDF Information and Consultation Center, a training was held on “Loans for development of SMEs” said Kuban Nasirov, a regional representative of OJSC “GF”. In addition to representatives of the RKDF, heads of the local branches of Aiyl Bank and RSK Bank took part in the training.

The training participants were 45 farmers and entrepreneurs from the Tyup, Ak-Suu and Jeti-Oguz districts, including Askar Zhanybekov, general director of the agricultural firm Reina Kench, reported Kuban Nasirov.

The main issues of the training were, of course, loans within the framework of the Government programs for preferential financing of agriculture, the presentation of loan products of state banks, including the leasing of agricultural equipment.

The representative of OJSC “GF” also participated in the discussion, spoke about the activities of the Fund on guarantee support for small and medium enterprises and responded to the questions from the training participants.