OJSC “Guarantee Fund” successfully continues the process of supporting small and medium enterprises in all regions. The number and amount of guarantees as well as loans issued by partner banks, are growing.

From the inception of its activity in November 2016 up to September 3, 2019, OJSC “Guarantee Fund” approved 952 guarantees for a total sum of 1.271 billion KGS.

Due to the guarantee provision of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” entrepreneurs have received loans from partner banks in total of 4.322 billion KGS.

Since the inception of the year, 296 guarantees have been approved in total of 516 million KGS. Partner banks approved 1.569 billion KGS in loans to entrepreneurs.

Development of the loan of Russian –Kyrgyz Development Fund (100 million KGS) continues. Up to this time, 5 guarantees have been issued in total of 6.279 million KGS under this loan, which is 6 percent of the loan amount.