Specialists of OJSC “GF” conducted trainings for staff of partner banks

Partner banks.

Specialists of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” (OJSC “GF”) regularly conducts training seminars for staff of partner banks on providing guarantees in case of insufficient collateral. CJSC “Demir Kyrgyz International Bank” and CJSC “KICB” recently became partners of OJSC “GF”, that’s why it was relevant to conduct trainings on new financial instrument in details.

On March 2-3, 2018, leading specialist of Department of Guarantees and Products Development of OJSC “GF” Abai Bakirov conducted trainings for KICB. On first and second days 15 employees of Bishkek branches and Head Offices of banks participated.

Similar seminar on guarantees for entrepreneurs took place on December 6 for employees of “Demir Bank”. Here, training seminars were conducted for three groups of 10 people at different times. Head Office staff and city branches staff attended these seminars. For reference, Demir Bank already issued one loan under guarantee of OJSC “GF”.

According to Abai Abakirov, employees of banks expressed a keen interest in guarantees, as it is a new instrument for them and it’s necessary to be fully ready for the work with clients – guarantee recipients from different spheres of economy.