Meetings and seminars

In the period from October 28 to November 2, employees of the OJSC “Guarantee Fund” Kamchybek Aaliev, the head of the Regional Development Department, and Abdil Tashirov, the head of the sector of the Strategic Development and Guarantee Provision Department, visited eight districts of the Chui region to carry out information and explanatory work on the program of OJSC “GF” “Intensive sheep breeding”. Together with them, Aralbek Abdyrasulov, a farmer, practicing stall-raising sheep with extruded feed, took part in the trip.

Employees of OJSC “GF” thus visited the Alamudun, Issyk-Ata, Chui, Kemin, Sokuluk, Moscokvskiy, Zhayil and Panfilov districts. The topic of the meetings and seminars held in the buildings of the district administrations was the issues of guarantee support for entrepreneurs, as well as informing about the development programs of OJSC “GF” – “One region – one enterprise”, “Intensive sheep breeding”, “Support for entrepreneurs in the conditions of COVID-19”, participation in the project of the Minstry of Finance for emergency support of micro, small and medium entrepreneurs.

More attention was paid to the intensive sheep breeding program in these seminars. Today it has a great interest from sheep and livestock breeders from all regions of Kyrgyzstan. Through presentation slides and Q&A, local farmers were able to learn more about this advanced sheep raising method. They were also given methodological manuals containing all the necessary information on feeding sheep with extruded feed, equipment for preparing feed – extruders.

Employees of OJSC “GF” informed the participants of the seminars about readiness to provide guarantees and consulting support to those who wish to apply the experience of Aralbek Abdyrasulov, get a loan for the purchase of extruders or pure breed sheep; left their contact information.