Сотрудничество ОАО «ГФ» и ЗАО «Банк Азии» – несет выгоды всем!


On September 5 the Chairman of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” (OJSC “GF”) Malik Abakirov awarded Deputy Chairman of CJSC “Bank of Asia” Edil Ismailov with Certificate of Appreciation for the contribution to the guarantee system development of Kyrgyzstan.

“Bank of Asia” today is the leader by the volume of issued loans under guarantees of Guarantee Fund”, noted Malik Abakirov. On the basis of 8 months of 2017 the Bank issued most loans to SMEs among all other banks of Kyrgyzstan that are secured by guarantees of OJSC “GF”. As of August 31, 2017 31 guarantees have been issued in the total amount of KGS 46 333 878.

“We have been cooperating since October, 2016 and for the past time our cooperation has only strengthened. At the beginning of our cooperation directors were Taalai Dzhumataev and Nurlan Aldayarov and we are very thankful for their professional work. You manage the Bank’s credit activity including issuing loans to SMEs under guarantees of “GF”. We think it is a great achievement that “Bank of Asia” preserves its leading position by volume of loans under our guarantees”, – said the chairman of the Board of OJSC “GF” to Edil Ismailov.

Then he awarded Edil Ismailov with Certificate of Appreciation accompanied by a photo session of this solemn occasion.

Malik Abakirov added: “We are in close cooperation with leading commercial banks for providing guarantees for SMEs. Currently, we have partnership relations with 7 banks. Also negotiations on cooperation with other loan institutions are under way.

“SMEs obtain loans in banks, we, in turn, support them in case of insufficient collateral, – continued Malik Abakirov, – that’s why it’s relevant for us to cooperate with banks by building devoting partnership relations”.

He told that support for SMEs was not limited only by providing guarantees. It also includes financial literacy increase, support for women’s entrepreneurship, designing business plan, production and export-oriented products logistics.

“The project “One region – one enterprise” (OROE) has also been implemented. Within it OJSC “GF” assisted in creating 3 new enterprises and directions. Among them are LLC “Kyrgyzkorm” (pig breeding), LLC “Aqua-master” (pasta production), LLC “Innovation and development” (construction of guest house for tourists in Karakol city). The name of project says itself that innovative experience will be continued in all regions of Kyrgyzstan,” – noted Malik Abakirov.

In conclusion Malik Abakirov invited the Bank to take a part in OROE project that has a large socio-economic meaning for our country.

Deputy chairman of the Board of CJSC “Bank of Asia” Edil Ismailov, in turn, expressed his gratitude for appreciation of his work. “It is not only my personal achievement but a result of targeted activity of “Bank of Asia” on issuing loans to SMEs”, – he said

“Today “Bank of Asia” successfully works on the loan market. It develops and implements diverse programs and products for SMEs. We also realize our own projects on financial literacy increase and support for SMEs. We meet the needs of our clients, promote banking services in regions by increasing number of loan officers there. We are glad for our cooperation as it is beneficial not only for the Fund and the Bank but for SMEs and economy as well as it provides employment of population and increases taxes and payments into budget, “– added Edil Ismailov.

For reference:

Edil Zholdoshbekovich Ismailov – economist, a graduate of Agrarian academy in 1996. In 2008 obtained a master degree in Management at Academy of Management under President of the Kyrgyz Republic. He is a professional in the field of loans with great experience.

In 2011 he worked as deputy chairman of the Board of OJSC “Zalkar Bank”. In 2012-2015 he was a counsellor of the Chairman of the Board of CJSC “Bank of Asia”.

Since December 2015 to the moment he has been a deputy chairman of the Board of CJSC “Bank of Asia”. He manages the bank’s credit activity.

For information!

Partner banks of OJSC “GF” are OJSC “Aiyl Bank”, OJSC “RSK Bank”, OJSC CB “Kyrgyzstan”, CJSC “Bank of Asia”, CJSC “Finca Bank”, CJSC “Bank Kompanion” and CJSC “Demir Bank”. These banks have 180 branches in total; it is 56% of the branch network of all commercial banks in Kyrgyzstan. As of September 1 more than 50% of the branches of partner banks have participated in loan issue partially secured by guarantees of OJSC “GF”.