Business – Navigator in Kyrgyzstan.

The concrete result of the international forum “Eurasian Week-2019” which ended in Bishkek at the end of September can be called an action plan (road map) for cooperation between Russian JSC “SME Corporation”, RKDF, and OJSC “Guarantee Fund”, the implementation of which is scheduled to begin in spring of 2020.

As we already reported, the forum discussed topical issues of integration of EAEU countries, promising areas of development, a single energy market and joint agricultural projects. Then, on the sidelines of the forum, a conversation between the Chairman of the Management Board of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”, Malik Abakirov, and Nikita Bantsekin, the Head of the Directorate for International Affairs, a member of the Management Board of JSC “SME Corporation”. Each side expressed interest in establishing cooperation.

Parties quickly turned from words to action. With the participation of RKDF, a draft action plan was prepared, the so-called road map, the purpose of which is to create a Business Navigator for SMEs in the Kyrgyz Republic.

A business navigator is a free online resource for entrepreneurs who want to open or expand their business, work legally, pay all taxes and deductions. It allows entrepreneurs to learn online how to open and grow their business, calculate how much money they need to invest, how much profit to expect, how to get a grant, loan, subsidies. The tool also offers many other services.

In accordance with the project, OJSC “Guarantee Fund” will be entrusted with the function of an executive agency. The fund, in agreement with “SME Corporation” and RKDF, will deal with issues of improving the financial literacy of local entrepreneurs, assisting in the preparation of business plans, which will contribute to the development of mass entrepreneurship in Kyrgyzstan.

After the Business Navigator launches in Kyrgyzstan, entrepreneurs will receive so-needed online support, freeing up a precious time for creative business.