Fall of the world oil prices: What is the cost of futures for Brent, WTI, OPEC, and other marker grades today?

The cost of futures for Brent crude oil as of April 20, 2020 10:45 AM is $27.75 per barrel. This was reported in official data.

The cost of futures for WTI crude oil amounted to $15.19 per barrel.

As for the OPEC oil basket, a barrel of this oil is $17.73. A barrel of one of Dubai’s major marker varieties costs $29.77


Futures Cost ($ per barrel)
WTI 15,19
Brent 27,75
Mars US 19,67
ОПЕК 17,73
Canadian Crude Index 14,05
DME Oman 24,68
Urals 23,05
Mexican Basket 14,75
Indian Basket 19,53
Western Canadian Select 2,890
Dubai 29,77
Brent Weighted Average 27,83
Louisiana Light 21,82
Coastal Grade A 7,750
Domestic Swt. 14,75
Giddings 8,5
ANS West Coast 16,65
Gulf Coast HSFO 19,63
Natural Gas 1,757
Heating Oil 0,975
Gasoline 0,773
Ethanol 0,993
Alberta Natural Gas 1,830
Dutch TTF Natural Gas 2,199
LNG Japan/Korea 2,795