Gift from Turkey.

The other day, the General Director of the Turkish Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF) Ismet Gergerli sent a gift to the Chairman of the Board of the Guarantee Fund Malik Abakirov – his book “The Hidden Power of Economy of Japan”, dedicated to the study of the Japanese model of guarantee support for small and medium-sized enterprises.

In the preface to the publication in English (previously the book was published in Turkish), Ismet Gergerli writes:

“The macroeconomic results of 2017 and 201 8, due to the fundamental structural changes that have occurred in recent years in the Credit Guarantee Fund, as well as the unexpected significant impact of these results on the Turkish economy, have demonstrated the importance of the role of credit guarantee systems in various economies. To keep up with the fast changes in the world order in 2017, we first visited South Korea for research. Guarantee support provided by KODIT, the world’s largest guarantee institution, has been one of the key elements in the South Korean economy. He played an active role in the creation and development of the world’s leading technology brands. Of particular interest to us was the influence of KODIT on the South Korean economy.

In this book, we present our study of the Japanese model and hope that it will contribute to the development of a credit guarantee system in our country, ensuring its long-term and sustainable impact on our economy.”

A cover letter from Mr. Ismet Gergerli was enclosed in the book, in which he expresses kind words addressed to Malik Abakirov, whom he met at the international conference in Istanbul in April 2019.