Seminars in regions.

On May 24, 2018 employees of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” (OJSC “GF”) held seminars for employees of local branches of partner banks in the cities of Tokmok and Kara-Balta. The purpose of the already traditional seminars was to introduce representatives of banks, namely, loan officers, to the mechanism for using such a financial instrument as guarantees.

As it is known, in the case of insufficiency of collateral for small and medium-sized businesses when applying to banks for a loan, OJSC “GF” provides a guarantee for the missing part of the collateral.

In the city of Tokmok, the seminar was conducted by the Head of the Department of Guarantees and Product Development Erik Talasbaev. There were representatives of Tokmok and Karabalta branches of OJSC Bakai Bank and Tokmok branches of CJSC KICB. He told the bankers about the prerequisites for creating in the country a guarantee system and OJSC “GF”, the role and importance of the company for small and medium-sized enterprises in the country, mechanisms for interaction with commercial banks. In the course of questions and answers, the specialists of banks received exhaustive information about the terms of issuing guarantees, commission rates, currency and terms, the nuances of interaction between OJSC “GF”, entrepreneurs and partner banks.





On the same day, a similar seminar was held in the city of Kara-Balta, Zhayil district. The seminar was conducted by the Head of the Department of Consulting and Information Services Aibek Davlesov. There were about 30 representatives of local branches of OJSC RSK Bank, CJSC FINCA Bank, CJSC KICB and others. Among them there were both chiefs and specialists of loan departments, as well as lawyers.

Aibek Davlesov told the audience about the mechanisms for using guarantees and the terms of their provision, as well as the advantages they give to the bank. Firstly, loan risk is partially reduced, as part of the risk is assumed by OJSC “GF”. Secondly, the issuance of loans under guarantees has a positive effect on their revenues. After all, without guarantees, they would not issue a loan or give in a smaller amount.

Aibek Davlesov also noted that due to the comprehensive activities of OJSC “GF” to increase the financial literacy of entrepreneurs, business training, facilitate the planning and organization of business, develop business plans, and search for sales markets, partner banks receive a trained quality clientele.

Thus, OJSC “GF” and partner banks make a significant contribution to the support and development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The head of the Regional Development Department of OJSC “GF” Kamchybek Aliev took an active part in the organization of the trip and seminars,