Today, the amount of the restructured loans is 70 billion KGS, that is half of the loan portfolio, – T. Abdygulov, Head of the NBKR

“Today we are analyzing how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the banking system,” said the head of the NBKR Tolkunbek Abdygulov at a meeting of the JK committee on budget and finance on June 15.

“We have developed the models several times and made stress tests. But banks also did not work in quarantine for two months, and today the NBKR has been charged with restructuring. Today, the banks have worked very closely and the number of the restructured loans amounted to 132,170 loans for 70 billion KGS. Today it is half of the loan portfolio. Therefore, we discussed with the government and sent these 10% to the reserve fund, in June-July we will conduct an analysis, and when there is a need, having discussed with the government, we plan to use these funds to support the financial sector. But for today, what kind of help will be and whether help is needed, specifically no. If there is no need, it will go directly to support of the budget,” – T. Abdygulov said.

Earlier, deputy Marlen Mamataliev said that the NBKR gives its profit of 2.5 billion KGS for 2019 to the government. “In the decision, we write an additional 10% of the profit or 256 million KGS to support the financial sector. What are these events? ” – asked the deputy.