Today is the Day of the State Flag of the Kyrgyz Republic

Dear Kyrgyz! OJSC “Guarantee Fund” congratulates you on the Day of the State Flag of the Kyrgyz Republic! We wish prosperity and well-being to our Motherland!

State Flag Day of the Kyrgyz Republic is celebrated annually on March 3. The national flag of the Kyrgyz Republic was approved by the Supreme Council of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan on March 3, 1992. The first flag of independent Kyrgyzstan was raised on March 5, 1992 above the building of the Government House in Bishkek.

Flag authors: Edil Aydarbekov, Bekbosun Zhaychybekov, Sabyr Iptarov, Zhusup Mataev, Mamatbek Sydykov.

The national flag of the Kyrgyz Republic is a red panel, in the center of which there is a round solar disk with forty uniformly diverging rays of golden color. Inside the solar disk, the tundyuk of the Kyrgyz yurt is depicted in red. The width of the flag is three fifths of its length. The diameter of the radiant disk is three fifths of the width of the flag. The ratio of the diameters of the solar and radiant disks is three to five. The diameter of the tundyuk is half the diameter of the radiant disk.

The red monochrome of the flag symbolizes valor and courage, the golden Sun, swimming in its rays, represents peace and wealth, and the tundyuk is a symbol of native home, in the wider sense and the world as a universe. 40 rays, united in a circle, mean the unification of 40 ancient tribes into a single Kyrgyzstan. Tundyuk symbolizes the unity of peoples living in the country. The red color of the flag is considered the color of the flag of the legendary Manas.

On this day various solemn events are held in the capital and regions with the participation of local authorities and the public.

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