Guarantee issue is growing, as evidenced by the number, as well as the amount of guarantees and loans. So, as of April 10, 2009, the Open Joint-Stock Company “GF” approved 765 guarantees in the amount of KGS 939.5 million (waiting for a billion!). The loans approved by partner banks amounted to KGS 3.299 million.

From the beginning of 2019, 109 guarantees in the amount of KGS 184.5 million have already been issued to small and medium-sized enterprises of the republic. The amount of loans approved by banks under guarantees amounted to KGS 547.1 million.

In the Year of regional development and digitalization of the country, taking into account the instructions of the President and the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic, OJSC “GF” pays special attention to agricultural, processing and industrial enterprises in the regions of Kyrgyzstan.

Reminding that the partners of OJSC “GF” are 11 banks of the republic, which have branches in all regions of Kyrgyzstan: Aiyl Bank, RSK Bank, Kyrgyzstan Bank, Bank of Asia, FINCA Bank, Bank Companion , Demir Bank, KICB, Halyk Bank Kyrgyzstan, BTA Bank, Bakai Bank, and the RKDF.