“One region – one enterprise”

On March 20, 2018, Malik Abakirov, the Chairman of the Board of the OJSC “GF”, and Marat Urustemov, Head of the Consulting Department of the OJSC “GF”, visited the rubber boots production IE “Kenzhebaev M.T.”, opened with the guarantee of the OJSC “GF” as part of the “One Region – One Enterprise” program.

The director of the enterprise, Mamatkul Kenzhebaev, said that at present there is a test of Russian-made equipment, the first batch of boots in the assortment – men’s, women’s and children’s rubber boots are produced.

A new direction began its activity in February of this year. Two of the three production machines were put into testing. Representatives of OJSC “GF” saw themselves the process of manufacturing shoes – from filling silicone granules to the output of finished products. “The adjustment of equipment continues and it is still premature to talk about large volumes of production,” explained Mamatkul Turdubaevich. – We will produce popular for consumers types of shoes, various sizes, colors and patterns. I am sure that our products will be in great demand.”

Note that Mamatkul Kenzhebaev is an experienced businessman. He specializes in the supply and sale of rubber shoes – boots and galoshes from Russia. He has several containers on the Dordoi market. Now he plans to sell his own products. Only galoshes he will import from Russia.

According to M. Kenzhebaev, his rubber products are already causing interest among representatives of trade organizations and requests from regions of Kyrgyzstan are being received.

Malik Abakirov, the Chairman of the Board of OJSC “GF”, noted that the support for this enterprise is a contribution to the creation and development of industrial enterprises in Kyrgyzstan. The program of OJSC “GF” implemented in the regions of the republic “One region – one enterprise” has a great socio-economic effect for the development of the economy of cities, districts and regions, M. Abakirov stressed.

Production equipment purchased on a credit from a partner bank of the OJSC “GF” – Commercial Bank “Kyrgyzstan”.