Seminars in Regions.

On January 21-22, 2020, the Chairman of the Management Board of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”, Malik Abakirov, the Head of the Guarantee and Product Development Department of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”, Erik Talasbaev, were on a business trip to the Issyk-Kul region, where they met with local farmers. During the trip, they were accompanied by the regional representative of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”, Kubanychbek Nasirov.

On January 21, the first day of their stay in the region, representatives of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” visited the villages of Darkhan and Svetlaya Polyana of Jeti-Oguz region, where they met and talked with borrowers of the World Bank project “Integrated Diary Productivity Improvement”. As it is known, OJSC “Guarantee Fund” within the framework of the project is engaged in household surveys and registration of loans to local residents.

The villagers noted the need and importance of support in the form of loans from the World Bank, the Ministry of Finance and OJSC “Guarantee Fund”, due to which they can purchase dairy cattle, jointly arrange the supply of milk, and ensure quality and volumes.

The next day, January 22, in the building of The Plenipotentiary Office of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, a seminar was held for livestock breeders, owners of farms in Issykk-Kul region. The seminar was attended by the head of the regional development department of the Government Representation, Asylbek Akhmedsharipov. A total of 35 livestock farmers attended the meeting.

The seminar was conducted by the Chairman of the Management Board of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” Malik Abakirov. He presented the program of “Intensive Sheep Husbandry Development in the Kyrgyz Republic”, discussed in detail and clarity about the unique work experience of farmer Aralbek Abdyrasulov from the suburbs of Bishkek, who managed to organize the feeding of sheep in amount of 500 animals in a small area of 15 acres.

The participants expressed great interest in this progressive method of intensive fattening of sheep, which uses extruded feed, and which does not need large pastures.

Then, a short conversation took place on the exchange of experience in conducting intensive sheep breeding, obtaining advice and guarantee support from OJSC “Guarantee Fund”. Many of those who participated expressed a desire to cooperate with the fund.

At the end of the meeting, a farmer from Ak-Suu district, Maratt Zhusupov, cordially expressed gratitude to Mr. Abakirov for the previously provided guarantee assistance to his breeding farm, and also on behalf of all those who were present expressed his sincere gratitude for the useful and necessary information on intensive animal breeding.

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