Press conference of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”.

On December 18, “Kabar: news agency held a press conference of the Chairman of the Management Board of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”, Malik Abakirov, dedicated to the program of “Development of Sheep Husbandry in the Kyrgyz Republic” developed by OJSC “Guarantee Fund” as part of the Year of Regional Development. The conference was also attended by farmer Aral Abdyrasulov.

“OJSC “Guarantee Fund”, within the framework of implementation of the Decree of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic” on declaring 2019 the Year of Regional Development and Digitalization”, and the Concept of the Regional Policy of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2018-2022, carries out diverse activities to assist entrepreneurship in regions of the country. Priority is given to the development of industrial production, agriculture and processing enterprises, including export-oriented industries”, said Mr. Abakirov.

In 2019, 89 percent of guarantees were sent to the regions, and 80 percent of guarantees were issued to priority sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, agricultural processing, and tourism.

In order to support the efforts of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic to enhance regions, reform industrial and agricultural sectors, process agricultural products, OJSC “Guarantee Fund” has developed the program “Development of Sheep Husbandry in the Kyrgyz Republic”, continued Malik Abakirov.


Novelty of “Development of Sheep Husbandry in the Kyrgyz Republic” Program

The concept of the program of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” for the development of the livestock cluster in the direction of “Intensive Sheep Husbandry” involves the use of the stall method of raising sheep for meat production. For this, it is necessary to create a solid fodder base using extruded feed, and to improve veterinary service. This will contribute to an increase in the number of meat-producing sheep in the next three-five years from 6.2 million (as of the end of 2018) to 7.5 million sheep along with preservation of pastures from degradation.

More, this concept will make it possible to implement the value chain (VC) form the production of feed, meat production, processing of wool and hides to export products. The development of VC in this sector contributes to the stable production of competitive agricultural products, the application of best practices in sheep farming, access to foreign markets, export of products and an increase in the contribution of the livestock sector to the GDP.

In practical terms, since December, OJSC “Guarantee Fund” prepared a number of business plans for financing of farmers, using keep sheep with a stall method, Mr. Abakirov further said.

Pros of the program

  • The issue of pasture preservation is being addressed.
  • If with ordinary feeding, the daily gain of sheep is 90-100 grams, when feeding with extruded feed, the daily gain of sheep is 130-140 grams.
  • If it takes 100 days to reach the required sheep weight while ordinary feeding, it takes only 80 days to get to the proper condition when feeding sheep with extruded feed.
  • Food extrusion machines (extruders) will be sold as part of the program.
  • The number of people interested in this program is increasing daily.

Prospects for Implementation of the Program of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” “Development of Sheep Husbandry” in the Kyrgyz Republic

During the implementation of the program of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” “Development of Sheep Husbandry in the Kyrgyz Republic”, significant results will be achieved in sheep husbandry for meat production that has a great export potential:

  • Training will be carried out, an existing farm will be demonstrated, more it is planned to develop and distribute brochures on the keeping and feeding of sheep.
  • In each region, 10-20 farms will be designed with a stall in the number of one-two thousand sheep.
  • Annual increase in the number of sheep will be by 300-400 thousand heads.
  • By 2023, the number of sheep will increase to 7.5 million heads.
  • By 2023, meat production will amount to 144 thousand tons per year.
  • Increase in meat export volumes will be up to 20 thousand tons per year.

The presentation of “Development of Sheep Husbandry” program was accompanied by a video presentation. Also, Malik Abakirov and Aral Abdyrasulov answered questions of journalists. After the press conference, number of media representatives visited the farm of Mr. Abdyrasulov.