Seven Months have passed, the number of guarantees is more and more!

According to the results of first seven months of 2019 (as of July 31, 2019) OJSC “Guarantee Fund” issued 264 guarantees in the amount of 468.3 million KGS. The amount of loans issued by partner banks under guarantees amounted to 1.4 billion KGS.

Almost all partner banks were involved in issuing loans under guarantees. With the exception of Optima Bank, which only recently concluded a Cooperation Agreement with OJSC “Guarantee Fund”

Thus, “Ayil Bank” – 90 guarantees, “RSK Bank” – 53 guarantees, “Kyrgyzstan” – 31 guarantees, KICB – 22 guarantees, “Halyk Bank” – 17 guarantees, “Bakai Bank” – 15, “Bank of Asia” – 14, “FINCA Bank” – 11, “Companion” – 5, “Demir Bank” and “BTA Bank” – issued 3 guarantees.