Today, a second package of measures is being developed aimed at restoring economic activity.

The Prime Minister, Mukhammedkalyi Abylgaziev, instructed to develop a package of additional measures to support entrepreneurship, the press service of the government informed.

The head of the Cabinet held a meeting on the resumption of economic activity. He recalled that the pan of priority measure of the Cabinet had previously been adopted. Most of the decisions allowed the business to adjust its near-term plans for paying tax liabilities, submitting reports and paying loans.

“We all understand that, unfortunately, our country does not have large reserves to cover all losses, but must do everything in our power. This and next week will be the most important for us in the fight against the spread of infection. In connection with this, I plead our citizens to show a little more patience and awareness”, said Abylgaziev.

At the same time, the Prime Minister emphasized, in order to restore economic activity, it is necessary to take measures of additional business support and providing the economy with the necessary level of “long” and cheap credit resources.

According to Abylgaziev, the government is working to formulate more systematic measures of economic and financial support for enterprises, improve the financial system and support SMEs. All initiatives are based on the analysis of the impact of the current situation on the development of specific sectors of the economy, as well as on business proposals.

According to the press service, the government plans to approve a package of measures to support the business sector for short and medium term. A second package of measures is currently being developed to restore economic activity. It was noted that in the very near future it is necessary to finalize all the proposals and approve the second package of measures to support the economy.