Общая сумма выданных ОАО «ГФ» гарантий составила 961,9 млн. сомов

SME promotion.

From the beginning of its activities as of 24 April 2019, the OJSC “GF” approved the issue of 787 guarantees to entrepreneurs in the amount of KGS 961.9 million. Partner banks approved loans in the amount of KGS 3,360 billion.

The current year, 131 guarantees were approved for this date in the amount of KGS 206.9 million. The loans approved by partner banks exceeded 600 and amounted to KGS 607.9 million.

From the beginning of the month of April, 41 guarantees were issued in the amount of KGS 71.6 million, the amount of guaranteed loans reached KGS 246.4 million.

Most of the guarantees were issued to entrepreneurs – clients of Aiyl Bank (17), CB Kyrgyzstan (9), RSK Bank (8), KICB (2), and other banks (BTA Bank, Bakai Bank, Bank of Asia, Kompanion, FINCA Bank).

Entrepreneurs engaged in agriculture received 15 guarantees, agricultural processors – 6, production workers – 6 guarantees. In the trade 9 guarantees were provided, the transport industry – 2 guarantees, the rest on construction, tourism and services.

In what spheres have entrepreneurs used April guaranteed loans? Most of them invested in animal husbandry (13), and also to grow grain crops, produce flour, food, building materials, textile production, cotton and wool processing, car maintenance and repair, and trade.

As of April 24, OJSC “GF” disbursed 47 percent of the RKDF loan (KGS 100 million). 29 guarantees were provided to regional entrepreneurs in the amount of KGS 47.4 million.