OJSC “GF” presented strategic programs

On May 17 2018 OJSC “Guarantee Fund” (OJSC “GF”) made a presentation on strategic programs directed to the creation of domestic machine building. At the presentation representatives of ministries, agencies, international organizations, partner banks participated.

The chairman of the Board of OJSC “GF” Malik Abakirov opened the ceremony and told about strategic programs. One of the programs is called “Creating an automobile industry in the Kyrgyz Republic”. Its practical implementation will be an enterprise for assembling buses. “The need for a city buses is very high. As part of this program, we are planning to organize an assembly production in Bishkek together with Shydyr Jol LLC. All work is carried out in accordance with the developed strategy for the development of the automotive industry in Kyrgyzstan,”- the head of GF OJSC stated.

For the sample a bus of Chinese manufacture, working on gas, is taken. The first 18 of these buses, delivered by LLC Shydyr Jol, already run along the 35th city route. A few months later, a production base will be created and the company will begin assembling the buses. It should be noted that the use of gas instead of gasoline and diesel fuel carries both environmental and economic benefits. And the issue of sustainability for Bishkek is crucial.

In addition to the creation of the automobile industry, in the Year of the regional development OJSC “GF” has developed another ambitious Program – Restoration of Agricultural Machinery in the Kyrgyz Republic, further said Malik Abakirov: “In due time, as people of the middle and older generations remember, – balers of the plant of agricultural machinery named after Frunze were well-known for the whole Soviet Union. We also want to lay the foundation for such an enterprise with a large export potential, whose products will be of interest to consumers in neighboring countries. “

As part of this program, GF supports Dyikan Plus LLC in the production of “Topoz” tractors of various models and attachments.

The third program of OJSC “GF” – “Creation and development of electric vehicles in the Kyrgyz Republic” – is associated with the production of electric vehicles. This will be our response to the modern requirements of environmentally friendly and technological transport, Malik Abakirov continued. The more there is transport on electric traction, the purer the air in our cities and towns will be!

President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic Marat Sharshekeev, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Kyrgyz Republic Zhenishbek Nogoibaev, Director of the Agency for Promotion and Protection of Investments of the Kyrgyz Republic Adilbek uulu Shumkarbek, ex-director of the Kristall factory, author of various investment-attractive industrial projects Zharasul Abdraimov, member of the Advisory Council at the GF OJSC Bakhtiyar Fattakhov, member of the Board of KICB Bank Nurlan Aldayarov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of CJSC Bank of Asia Edil Ismailov, Director of Shydir zhol LLC Toktobubu Ouerhalika and, Director of LLC “Dyikan plus” Tologon Ibraev.

All of them supported the actions of OJSC “GF”, personally its leader Malik Abakirov, aimed at implementing strategic programs for the whole country. The general leitmotif of their speeches was: “Good luck, “Guarantee Fund! “.

Then, certificates for tractors were received by rural entrepreneurs from Alamudun, Kochkor and At-Bashy districts. Arablebek Abdrasulov, a farmer from the village of Acha-Kayin of the Ata-Bashy district, said that the villagers are in great need of such a technique since the cost, the proposed number of models and technical capabilities of the tractors satisfy them.

Press service of OJSC “GF”

May 18, 2018