OJSC “GF” summed up the interim results

Guarantee support for entrepreneurship

Since the beginning of this year, OJSC “GF” has been successfully carrying out activities on the guarantee support for entrepreneurs. The indicators of the 1st and 2nd quarters demonstrated quantitative and qualitative growth. Much attention is paid to regional entrepreneurs; whose activities have a significant impact on the socio-economic situation of local communities.

In total, since the beginning of its activity and as of September 30, 2020, the Guarantee Fund has provided 2,873 guarantees in the amount of 2.3 billion KGS. At the same time, the amount of loans received by entrepreneurs under guarantees amounted to 8.08 billion KGS.


The largest number of guarantees has traditionally been provided in agriculture – 2,063 guarantees, followed by industry, processing, transport services, trade and other sectors.

Partner banks

Among partner banks, the highest indicators were achieved by Aiyl Bank – 644 loans guaranteed by the GF, RSK Bank – 259, CB Kyrgyzstan – 129, Bank of Asia – 122, Halyk Bank – 105 and so further. In total, 15 banks participated in the provision of loans under guarantees, including RKDF.

Guarantees within the framework of the project to support milk producers

We add that from the beginning of the activity and at the end of the 3rd quarter, 1402 guarantees were issued through the Ministry of Finance. Within the framework of the World Bank’s project on comprehensive support for the dairy industry, the GF has been providing interest-free loans to rural milk producers since 2019.

Support for regional entrepreneurs

Guarantees were issued in all regions of Kyrgyzstan. In particular, in the Batken region, 93 entrepreneurs received the guarantee support, in the Jalal-Abad region – 137, in the Naryn region – 304, in the Osh region – 179, in the Talas region – 80, in the Chui region – 217, in the Issyk-Kul region – 1526 (including guarantees within the World Bank project), in Osh – 59 and Bishkek – 278.