By the decree of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic S. Jeenbekov, 2019 was declared as the Year of Regional Development and Digitalization. The message of the President is that the economically stronger the regions, the stronger the country. The introduction of new technologies in economic process, social life, all of course, will be the key to the comprehensive development of the country.

OJSC “Guarantee Fund” makes a huge contribution to the development of regions by assisting SME’s in providing them with access to financial resources, implementing projects and support programs in the regions.

As for the digitalization issue, OSJC “Guarantee Fund” is also successfully implementing modern information technologies in its activities. There is a confidence that digitalization of the financial sector, including the introduction of mobile banking, electronic payments, is the key to its sustainable development. Of course, first of all, it depends on the development of digital technologies and services that ensure transparency, adaptability and effectiveness of interaction with the framework of information and communication technologies with consumers and service providers.

Speaking in practical terms, at present, OJSC “Guarantee Fund” is introducing an automation system into the fund. The main goal of creating this information system is to develop and implement a software package for automating business processes of activities of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”. The system also will allow consolidating information about borrowers and banks providing funds, as well as generating reports related to the activities of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”. The Information Systems Development Policy and Information Security Guide were also developed and adopted.

All employees are provided with desktop computers and Internet access to communicate, receive and send documents, files, and messages between the fund and regional office, corporate email is used among units within the head office.

The cloud file storage system, which is available for employees anywhere in the country with Internet access, allows to store information.

OJSC “Guarantee Fund” provides complete information on activities of the fund on its official website. Feedback function, which allows entrepreneurs and other users to contact and receive the necessary information is installed.

In order to attract and inform the public, the media, and potential customers, social network accounts on Facebook and Odnoklassniki.ru were created. It is planned to open official Instagram account as well as accounts in other media, which will significantly increase the availability of guarantee information for potential clients.

All measures to improve information systems are actualized according to generally accepted international and national standards. Specific attention is paid to ensuring information security and protecting information from unauthorized access, including guarantees of the authenticity of the transmitted information.