Kyrgyzstan will receive 50 million USD from ADB to support the budget, and other 115 million USD is in talks with the European Union and the Eurasian Development Fund

On March 31, 120 million USD was received from the International Monetary Fund from two funds, Finance Minister, Baktygul Zheenbaeva, said at a meeting of the Ata Meken fraction on May 15, answering Saidulla Nashanov’s questions about external assistance.

The percentage is on average 0.7%, because from one fund it came in at 0%, in another – under 1%.

One fund has a grace period of three years, the second -5.5 years, Kyrgyzstan will pay in 10 years.

The day before yesterday, the IMF received the second tranche under the same conditions – 121 million USD, the are still in use and have not been used yet,” she said, noting that this was to support the budget.

In addition, 50 million USD is expected from the Asian Development Bank to support the budget, the board of directors has already approved the allocation, the Ministry of Finance will come to parliament for ratification next week, she said.

“We also expect 15 million USD from the European Union, the negotiations are ongoing today. We expect from the Eurasian Development Fund 100 million USD as a budget loan at 1% per annum for 20 years. The decision of the board of directors has not yet been, here we are waiting”, B. Zheenbaeva said.