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  • “Horizon” passport

    1. Requirements to the Client
    Age of the Borrower Minimum: 20 years;

    Maximum: 65 years (at the date of the expiry of guarantee term)

    Income Availability of regular income from entrepreneurial activities to cover expenses of family and loan service.
    Work experience at least 6 months
    Selection criteria ·       Stable current financial condition and availability of stable sources of repayment for the whole guarantee term;

    ·       Provision of liquid collateral securing performance of the Client’s obligations (collateral, etc.) by the potential client that cover 50% and more of the volume of their obligations;

    ·       Absence of tax debt and debt to bodies of social insurance, judicial executive procedure regarding payments to creditors or availability of a written consent of the creditor on delay for the guarantee term;

    ·       Absence of a negative loan history;

    ·       The Client eligibility;

    ·       Provision of correct and full financial information on the Client and related group of individuals;

    ·       A sufficiently high level of making management decisions;

    2 Requirements to the loan:
      The loan amount (min.): KGS 300 000 (three hundred thousand).

    The guarantee term (max.): 36 (thirty-six) months.

    3. Conditions of the guarantee “Horizon”:

    (Decision No 5/1 of the Board of OJSC “Guarantee fund”)

    Guarantee size:
    50% (Fifty) percent of the loan amount. The Client has the right to apply for the guarantee in the required amount if the total amount of the guarantee does not exceed 50% of the loan amount).



    Guarantee amount:
    SMEs: up to  KGS 10 000 000 (ten million)
    Guarantee commission:
    2,5% (two point five) percent per annum.

    (Commission is charged at a time for guarantee amount when issuing the loan).

    “Horizon” passport