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    Requirements to the Client
    Target audience: Legal entities;

    Individual entrepreneurs;


    (for individual entrepreneurs)

    Minimum: 20 years;

    Maximum: 65 years *;

    * If the age limit is exceeded and in case the guarantee amount is not more than KGS 1 million, it is necessary to provide third-party guarantee.

     Income: Availability of the proven income from entrepreneurial activities to cover expenses of loan service.
    Work experience  At least 6 months
    Selection criteria • Providing correct and complete financial information for the company and for a group of related parties;

    • Transparency of financial statements;

    • Positive credit history;

    • Stable current financial condition and availability of stable sources for loan repayment for the entire guarantee period;

    •  Absent of debt to tax and social insurance authorities;

    • Provision by the Applicant of a liquid security for fulfillment of obligations (collateral, etc.) covering 50% or more of obligations;

    Guarantee terms:
    Type of documentary product: • Tender guarantee;

    • Performance guarantee;

    • Advance payment refund guarantee;

    • Payment guarantee;

    Bank guarantee amount:      from KGS 100 000 or equivalent in foreign currency;
    Guarantee amount: no more than KGS 10 000 000 (ten million);
    Guarantee period: not more than 12 (twelve) months;
    Guarantee share of  bank guarantee amount:
    National currency


    Foreign currency


    no more than 50% no more than 45%
    Guarantee commission:
    Bank guarantee: Guarantee commission rate: Additional information:
    Cash: 0.5% of the guarantee amount provided per quarter Payment is made once for the entire guarantee period at the rate of 90 days per quarter. The minimum commission amount is KGS 2 500 or the equivalent in foreign currency.
    Other collateral: 0.7% of the guarantee amount provided per quarter
    Guarantee period extension (prolongation): In the amount of 1/2 of the initial guarantee commission; For a period not exceeding the initial bank guarantee period.

    Payment is made by a single payment for the entire guarantee period.

    Amendment of original guarantee terms (except for guarantee period extension): 0.1% of the guarantee amount

    (not less than KGS 2 500 and not more than KGS 7 000);

    For each application.

    Payment for guarantees provided in foreign currency is made at the rate of the NBKR on the day of the decision.

    Special terms:
    • Guarantee commission calculation is made on a quarterly basis. If the guarantee period is more than 90 days, guarantee commission is charged for two quarters, more than 120 days – for three quarters and then by analogy;

    • Guarantee period extension (prolongation) is possible no more than 2 times;

    •When extending the guarantee period (prolongation), guarantee commission is charged taking into account extended (prolonged) guarantee period on a quarterly basis;

    • In case of early termination of obligations, guarantee commission is not returned.