Passport “Guarantee Express”


Customer Requirements:

Target Audience:

Individual entrepreneurs; Private entrepreneurs;

Age limitations:

(for individual


Minimum: 20 years;

Maximum: 65 years *;

* If the age limit is exceeded, it is necessary to provide the guarantee of 3 persons.


The existence of confirmed income from entrepreneurial activity, which allows to cover family expenses and credit services.

Activity experience:

At least 6 months

Selection criteria:

·         The aggregate of current liabilities in the Finance and Credit Organization and the proposed loan shall not exceed 1.5 KGZ.

·         Stable current financial condition and stable sources of repayment, for the entire period of validity of the guarantee;

·         Provision by the Applicant of liquid security for performance of obligations (collateral, etc.) covering 50% or more of its obligations;

·         No indebtedness to the tax and social insurance authorities, no execution sheet regarding payments to creditors or written consent of the creditor to defer the claim for the period of validity of the guarantee;

·         Positive credit history;

·         Provision of correct and complete financial information;

·         Transparency of financial reporting;

Guarantee Terms:

Credit product type:

• Term loan;

• Credit line with availability period not exceeding 12 months;

• Credit substitutes;

Loan Amount:

not more than 1 500,000 (one million five hundred thousand) KGZ or equivalent in foreign currency;

Guarantee Amount:

not more than 750,000 (seven hundred and fifty thousand) KGZ;

Guarantee Period:

not more than 36 (thirty-six) months

Guarantee share of the loan amount:


National Currency

Foreign Currency*

Agriculture (crop and animal husbandry)

Not more than 50%

Not considered

Other industries:

Not more than 50%

Not more than 45%

Guarantee Commission:



2%  * *

• Agriculture:

• Processing of agricultural products;

• Manufacturing industry;

• Tourism;

2,5 %

Other Industries

*The KGZ equivalent of foreign currency loans shall be set at the NBCR accounting rate on the date of the decision;

** The fee is charged at one time for the amount of the guarantee when issuing the loan.