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  • Guarantee application


    Name of the Borrower
    Field of activity:
    Work experience:

    Information on requested guarantee

    Loan amount (KGS/USD thousand):
    Equivalent of loan amount in national currency (KGS thousand)
    Guarantee amount (KGS thousand):

    Loan security:

    Description of collateral:
    Market value (KGS thousand):
    Estimated value (KGS thousand):
    Guarantee from third parties:

    Data on the Borrower’s activity for the last 12 months of the current year:

    Income (KGS/USD thousand): ________________
    Tax paid (KGS thousand):
    Percent of exportables (%):
    Number of employees: __________ men __________ women


    __________ total

    I hereby confirm that all above information is true and I am ready to provide all additional necessary information and give my consent to the following acts of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”:


    – a further analysis of my financial activity;

    – a visit, if necessary, of my residence and/or place of business by employee of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”;

    – to contact, if necessary, any individual known or unknown to me, who, as OJSC “Guarantee Fund” believes, can assist in making a decision regarding the provision or non-provision of a guarantee to me.

    – to allow the Bank to provide the Fund with all documents required to obtain a guarantee.

    I give my consent since the moment of signing this Application and for the whole term of guarantee.


    Signature of the Borrower _______________________date: __________

    Filled by OJSC “Guarantee Fund”

    Number of application №_______________  date of registration: _____________



    Responsible employee:___________________     signature:


    Documents required by OJSC “Guarantee Fund” from the Bank to obtain guarantee:

    1. Documents of applicant and constituent documents
    • Application (GF)
    • Passport of the applicant (manager)
    • Passport of spouse
    • Marriage certificate
    • Certificate of residence
    • Certificate of individual entrepreneurial activities, constituent documents of the legal entity (Charter, Certificate of the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic, decisions on the legal entity creation, appointment of governing bodies, obtaining loan under the guarantee of the Fund, collateral);
    2. Financial documents
    • Information on loan history of the client
    • Documents on additional income (if available)
    • Certificate of tax debt absence and other obligatory payments
    • Documents related to business (recordings, agreements, etc.)
    • CV/ the Bank’s report on the financial condition of the Borrower
    • Photo of the collateral and business
    • Business plan of the Borrower (if available)
    3. Collateral and legal documents
    • Entitlement documents on the collateral (business, if available) and a copy of the extract from the authorized body on the availability/absence of encumbrance
    • Assessment of the collateral
    • Legal opinion of the Bank
    • An extract from the decision of the Bank Loan Committee on loan provision, indicating all essential conditions for loan provision including its security.

    Download — Guarantee application

    Download — Guarantee agreement

    Copies of the above documents must be confirmed by stamp (seal) of the Bank, signature of the authorized employee of the Bank and can be provided in electronic format.