Export Plans.

On September 28, 2019 in farm “Ysmayil” of Alamudun district, on the one hand a business, on the other hand a festive event, a meeting of farm workers and residents of Kara-Jygach village took place. The meeting was accompanied by a concert program.  Previously, this type of event was called “Harvest Festival”. The harvest  is over, the coffers are  filled with generous gifts, the products are sent to consumers in cities and villages, and then Fall came in time – it is time to sum up the work, compute profits, and make plans for the next season.

The scale of the meeting differed from the previous ones in the number of participants and important guests. There were approximately 600 people, including invited representatives of the President Office of the Kyrgyz Republic, the State Administration of  Chui region, district authorities, reported Zukhra Ismailova, the head of the farm. On behalf of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”, Azamat Kozhobaev, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, also attended the meeting.

Last season has been successful for farming, a good harvest was given to the plantation of strawberry, raspberry, tayberry, Zukhra Sagynbaevna continues the narrative. The products were sent to the regions of Kazakhstan and Russia, where is a steady demand for berries. According to Zukhra Sagynbaeva, berries are in great demand. Kyrgyz berries have already become a brand. There is inscription on bodies of cars, in particular cities that says, “The Kyrgyz Raspberry” (or Strawberry.

Partners also worked well, it is necessary to give them credit – the residents of nearby villages who sell grown strawberries into farm “Ysmayil”. In 2018, with the support of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”, the farm purchased equipment, and now produces wooden container boxes for berries.

Now, the farm furthers. A lease for another 100 hectares of land for berry crops, some of which will be given to the villagers, was signed.

The farm’s plans, which can be called grandiose, include the construction of a refrigeration unit for cooling berries, and export supplies throughout the whole year.

The management of the farm “Ysmayil” reported such plans. During the festive event, the most outstanding employees were awarded certificates in various categories. On behalf of the company, everyone was presented with national caps and t-shirts with the company’s inscription.

It is worth to emphasize that the peculiarity of this company: it unites like-minded people, who become partners around itself. Not only does it apply to berries, but also to honey, for instance. According to Zukhra Ismailova, the farm plans to found an Association of beekeepers, which will unite local suppliers to jointly solve common problems, and organize the supply of honey for export.

We support the export plans of the farm ‘Ysmayil”, including with guarantees.

Temirbek Mamatkanov,

OJSC “Guarantee Fund”

Photo by USAID