Support of a Business.

January of the new year turned out to be quite fruitful for guarantees. In total, this month, OJSC “Guarantee Fund” approved 81 guarantees in amount of 10.6 million KGS, under which partner banks approved loans for entrepreneurs in total of 20.9 million KGS.

Which regions and which projects were guarantees issued for?

For example, entrepreneurs from village of Zhalgyz-Terek, Naryn District, Sary-Tash, Alai District, Sur, Kadamzhai District, requested loans for the purchase of dairy cattle. Many people needed a loan to replenish working capital. Among them are enterprises form villages of Aravan and Chogom of Aravan region, Orto-Suu, Alai region, the cities of Uzgen and Bishkek.

The guarantee of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” for obtaining a loan for the purchase of non-residential premises was issued in January to an entrepreneur from Osh.

From the beginning of activities to January 28, 2020, OJSC “Guarantee Fund” issued 1683 guarantees for a total amount of 1686 million KGS. Under these guarantees, partner banks approved loans in the amount of 5 billion 678 million KGS.