OJSC “Guarantee Fund” keeps providing dynamic assistance to our entrepreneurs by providing them with financial guarantees for receiving loans from commercial partner banks. Guarantees have shown themselves to be a genuine financial instrument to support entrepreneurs.

From the inception of its activity in November 2016 till August 30, 2019, OJSC “Guarantee Fund” approved 949 guarantees for a total sum of 1.270 billion KGS. Partner banks of the fund approved loans in the sum of 4.320 billion KGS.

Since the inception of the 2019, 293 guarantees have been approved in total of 515.2 million KGS. Under the guarantees of the fund, partner banks approved the issuance of loans in sum of 1.567 billion KGS to entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are able to implement their business plans, strengthen financial, material, and technical potential due to credit and guarantee support.In its turn, entrepreneurs’ successful work has a positive effect on employment, infrastructure development, and the economy of the regions as a whole.