Support for entrepreneurship

At present, the Guarantee Fund provides the guarantee support to entrepreneurs of our republic, provides consultations, helps to develop business plans.

Regular meetings are held with regional entrepreneurs on the terms of guarantees, seminars are organized with employees of partner banks on mechanisms for issuing loans under guarantees.

Planned and consistent work is demonstrating results, the number of guarantees is increasing, entrepreneurs are expanding and modernizing production and creating jobs.

So, in 2020, as of October 21, 2020, 1,323 guarantees were approved in the amount of 614 million KGS, loans amounted to 2.53 billion KGS.

In total, since the beginning of activity, 2,925 guarantees have been provided in the amount of 2.3 billion KGS. The guaranteed loans amounted to 8.18 billion KGS.


The issuance of guarantees on the RKDF loan provided for OJSC “GF” in the amount of 100 million KGS (the 4th loan) is in process. In total, 14 guarantees were provided in the amount of 38.5 million KGS, which is 39 percent of the loan amount. All previous loans have been successfully disbursed. Analyzing by the growth rate of the amounts of guarantees, the current loan of the RKDF will also be disbursed in a timely manner and more Kyrgyz entrepreneurs will receive the necessary guarantee support.