Region Development.

The contribution of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” to the socio-economic development of the regions of Kyrgyzstan is best illustrated by information on the number of jobs created

Due to guarantees, entrepreneurs implement their business projects in the sectors of agriculture, processing, and develop production as well create jobs. As of September 30, OJSC “Guarantee Fund” issued 980 guarantees in amount of 1.338 billion KGS, the number of approved bank loans amounted to 4.611 billion KGS.

In total, 2 217 new jobs were created and 9 066 existing ones were maintained. How are jobs were distributed by region?

From the inception of activities of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” 225 jobs were created in Talas region, 224 jobs were maintained, 223 and 586, respectively in Osh region, 162 and 532 respectively in Jalal-Abad, 50 and 212 respectively in Batken, 48 and 668 respectively in Issyk-Kul, 144 and 876 respectively in Osh city, 281 and 1 146 respectively in Chui region, etc.