Guarantees in the New Year

New Year’s holidays are over, working days have begun. Entrepreneurs are already applying for loans for development. The first 5 guarantees of 2019 were approved in the amount of KGS 2.7 million, under which banks approved loans in the amount of KGS 10 million.

In total, 661 guarantees were approved for this date in the amount of KGS 757.7 million. Partner banks approved loans under guarantees in the amount of KGS 2.762 billion.

Thanks to the guarantee support, small and medium enterprises implement their business plans, strengthen their financial position, and create jobs. For example, last year, 1,225 new jobs were created and 5,887 existing ones were supported.

Out of 656 guarantees issued in 2018, 262 are issued in agriculture, 62 in industry, 45 in the agricultural processing industry.

The issuance of guarantees is carried out in partnership with 11 commercial banks of the republic, having in total more than 230 branches, and the RKDF. The largest number of guarantees was issued through the branches of Aiyl Bank – 323, Bank of Asia – 83, RSK Bank – 65, Halyk Bank – 60, etc.

As for the amount of guarantees, then on this indicator also Aiyl Bank is ahead – KGS 281.44 million, followed by CB Kyrgyzstan – 99.13 million, Bank of Asia – 99.13 million, RSK Bank – 99.06.

Aiyl Bank became the leader in terms of loan amount – KGS 825.81 million, RSK Bank – KGS 574.27 million, Halyk Bank – KGS 368.96 million, and CB Kyrgyzstan – KGS 349.89 million. Indicators of other banks are lower comparing to these leaders.