Small and medium-sized enterprises in our country continue to actively use loan resources of commercial banks for project implementation and further business development. This is confirmed by the performance indicators of December – the first month of winter.

As at 10 December 2018 OJSC “GF” approved 640 guarantees in the amount of KGS 705.5 million. The amount of loans approved by partner banks under the guarantees of OJSC “GF” amounted to KGS 2.437 billion.

From the beginning of the current year, 403 guarantees were approved in the amount of KGS 452.3 million. The volume of bank loans amounted to KGS 1.464 billion.

The disbursement of the second 100 million loan of RKDF is in process. At the moment, 14% is disbursed: 4 projects received guarantee support in the amount of KGS 13.6 million.

We would like to remind that priority is given to agricultural, processing and industrial sectors, export-oriented enterprises in all regions of Kyrgyzstan, which growth and stable development ensure the creation of new and preservation of existing jobs and the development of local economies.