Not only does OJSC “Guarantee Fund” issue guarantees, but also advises entrepreneurs, helps develop business plans, and participates in the financial management of enterprises

Almost a thousand entrepreneurs used the guarantees of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” to obtain loans from banks. But way more entrepreneurs are not able to get loans in full due to insufficient collateral. To assist entrepreneurs, OJSC “Guarantee Fund” promotes such an effective support tool as guarantees.

From the inception of practical activities till August 27, 2019, 942 guarantees in the amount of 1.247 billion KGS were approved (533 as of August 27, 2018). Partner banks approved loans in amount of 4.234 billion KGS (as of August 27, 2018 – 1.94 billion KGS).

Since the inception of the year, 286 guarantees have been approved in the amount of 492.8 million KGS. The volume of loans approved by banks amounted to 1.487 billion KGS.

In addition to guarantee support for small and medium enterprises, OJSC “Guarantee Fund” provides small and medium enterprises and other types of support –from consultations to training, from the development of business plans to participation in enterprise management, in financial management.