New Guarantee Product.

On September 6, 2019, the Management Board of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”, by its Resolution No. 33/4, approved the passport of the new guarantee product “Guarant Express’. Thus, today at the services of entrepreneurs of various levels and scales there are 5 guarantee products –Horizon, Leasing, Corporate, Guarantee Plus and Guarant Express.

“Guarant Express” is intended for guarantee support of individual and sole proprietorship, limited liability companies and joint-stock companies. The guarantee amount is not more than 250 thousand KGS with a loan amount of not more than 500 thousand KGS, that is, should not exceed 50% of the loan.

Lending sectors- agriculture, processing, industry and other industries. Moreover, the guarantee interest is 2% for agriculture, product processing, manufacturing and tourism, and 2.5% for other industries.