Thanks to guarantees of OJSC “GF”, entrepreneurs of various industries have an opportunity to strengthen their material and technical position, create new and maintain existing jobs, and contribute to the development of local infrastructure.

In addition to providing guarantees to entrepreneurs, OJSC “GF” implements a number of programs aimed also at promoting SMEs and regions in general, including “One region – one enterprise” (OROE) and others.

The OROE program, for example, can become the locomotive of development for regions, because it contributes to the creation of new enterprises and new directions in existing enterprises, that will inevitably lead to accelerated development of local economies. To date, 34 guarantees have been provided in the amount of KGS 103.6 million to projects of entrepreneurs in various regions and industries, including export-oriented ones. The amount of guaranteed loans reached KGS 308.2 million.


The OROE program is implemented jointly with entrepreneurs, partner banks and local authorities.

Committee for the initial selection of projects with the participation of representatives of local governments, business communities, and financial institutions have been established in each district and region;

In order to receive assistance in the framework of the OROE program, entrepreneurs should contact the Committee for the initial selection of projects in the local state administrations, regional offices of OJSC “GF” or partner banks.