Guarantee fund and partners.

Our entrepreneurs actively use the loan resources of commercial banks for project implementation and further business development.

 From November 2016 and as of May 16, 2019, OJSC “Guarantee Fund” approved 822 guarantees in the amount of KGS 1,012 billion. The amount of guaranteed loans approved by partner banks exceeded KGS 3.5 billion and reached KGS 3.505 billion.

From the beginning of 2019, 166 guarantees were approved in the amount of KGS 257.9 million. The guaranteed loans of partner banks amounted to KGS 753.1 million.

The issuance of guarantees is carried out in the partnership with 11 commercial banks of the republic, having in total more than 230 branches, and the RKDF. Despite the fact that among the partners of the OJSC “GF” there are less than half of the capital banks, their share in the banking system is significant.

So, as of April 1 of this year, the assets of partner banks accounted for 69.5% of the assets of the banking system, capital – 65.1%, loan portfolio – 68.5%, profit – 102.9, number of branches – 72.4% of the total branches of the banking system.

In the Year of Regional Development, extensive work on information on guarantees is conducted both among local entrepreneurs and among employees of branches of partner banks. As a result, guarantees are issued in the most remote corners of the republic.

At the moment, OJSC “GF” has disbursed 56 percent of the RKDF loan (KGS 100 million). 35 projects received guarantee support in the amount of KGS 55.9 million.