Approximately five hundred new jobs thanks to guarantees in 2020

Socio-economic effect

OJSC “GF” places particular emphasis in its activities not only on guarantee support for entrepreneurs who need loans for the production development and modernization, technical re-equipment or replenishment of working capital, but also on the contribution to ensuring employment of the population. 

For example, in 2020, as of September 30, 469 new jobs were created and 2,930 existing ones were supported. In total, since the beginning of the activity to this date, 2882 jobs have been created and 13 392 existing ones have been supported.

Here the socio-economic effect of the activities of the OJSC “GF” is obvious: the creation and support of jobs has a beneficial effect on the income of employees, the well-being of their families.

We also note that tax collections and social contributions to local budgets are increasing, thereby expanding their capabilities to address and solve priority and strategic socio-economic problems.