Kyrgyzstan and EBRD Cooperation.

EBRD has invested approximately $ 730 million USD in various sectors of economy. The current project portfolio for now amounts to 184 million EUR, and 71 active project portfolio. The energy sector has 5%, financial institutions – 24%, and manufacturing, trade and the agricultural sector -18 % all together. Meanwhile, the share of the private sector is almost about 53%.

The present information was stated at a meeting of the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic M. Abylgaziev with a delegation of members of EBRD Board of Directors on September 13. It is important to note that EBRD Strategy for the Kyrgyz Republic for 2019-2024 was adopted, within the framework of which cooperation will be actualized. The members of the Board of Directors noted that the EBRD has very ambitious plans – two parties intend to sign 5 joint projects on water supply which is worth 28 million EUR, including 16 million EUR grant funds for projects in Jalal-Abad, Myrzaki-Kurshab, Kerben, Naryn, and Isfana.

Source: www.gov.kg