Business support

November turned out to be fruitful for OJSC “Guarantee Fund” in terms of providing guarantees to entrepreneurs experiencing problems with collateral security. As of November 23, 2020, the amount of guarantees approved by OJSC “GF” amounted to 790 million KGS. A total of 1506 guarantees were issued. The volume of loans approved by partner banks reached 3 billion 119 million KGS.

From the beginning of the activity to the current date, 3108 guarantees were issued for the amount of 2 billion 465 million KGS. The amount of loans received by entrepreneurs, partially secured by guarantees of OJSC “GF”, amounted to 8 billion 777 million KGS.

The disbursement of the RKDF loan received by OJSC “GF” in the amount of 100 million KGS continues. For projects of regional entrepreneurs, 16 guarantees were provided in the amount of 43.4 million KGS, which is 43% of the loan amount issued.

We also remind you that in addition to providing guarantees, employees of OJSC “GF” provide free consultations, assist in drawing up business plans (on a contractual basis). Among the services provided by OJSC “GF” – participation in the management of enterprises, financial management, corporate governance implementation.

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