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  • 85th Anniversary of Monopoly Games

    85th Anniversary of Monopoly Games

    Day in history – November 5

    On November 5, 1935, during the Great Depression, Monopoly, an economic and strategic board game for two or more people, was released for sale, reports.

    The game was invented by Charles Darrow, who proposed his idea to Parker Brothers. Parker Brothers did not appreciate Darrow’s offer. But Charles did not give up and with the help of a friend who owns printing equipment, he made 5,000 printed self-made copies of Monopoly.

    The management of the Philadelphia store where Charles brought his invention turned out to be more accommodating, and all 5,000 copies flew very quickly. Then the Parkers invited Darrow to renegotiate. And then the rapid conquest of the whole world by Monopoly began. Monopoly has become the favorite game in the United States and many countries around the world.



    Trip to regions

    Chairman of the Management Board of the OJSC “Guarantee Fund” Malik Abakirov was in the Naryn region from November 5 to 6, where he met with entrepreneurs and held seminars.

    On November 5, in Kochkor a seminar under the program of OJSC “GF” “Intensive sheep breeding” was held with the participation of 21 local farmers and livestock breeders. Malik Abakirov spoke about the stall method of keeping sheep with extruded feed – a mixture of cereals crushed using an extruder. When using this method, the time for feeding the sheep and gaining weight is significantly reduced, the head of OJSC “GF” explained. The method allows you to save pastures from degradation, increase the number of sheep, increase the production of meat and leather, including for export.

    The information caused great interest among the gathered farmers. They asked many questions, including on financing, the purchase of thoroughbred animals and extruders, to which they received detailed answers. All were also distributed methodological manuals on intensive sheep breeding, which contains all the necessary information.

    On November 5-6, the Chairman of the Management Board of the OJSC “GF” Malik Abakirov visited a number of local enterprises – IE “Zhakshylykov K.” (felt shop), LLC “Ashar ltd” (concrete plant), LLC “Bai-Tor resort” (tourist services). In the course of detailed conversations, issues of further development of enterprises, the need for support from OJSC “GF” were raised.

    In particular, following the results of the meetings, the parties are preparing to sign an agreement on the provision of services by the Fund for the implementation of corporate governance in IE “Zhakshylykov K.”



    Entrepreneurship support

    From the beginning of its activity and as of November 4, the OJSC “Guarantee Fund” issued 3,056 guarantees to entrepreneurs of the republic. At the end of October, guarantees stopped at around 2976 and 3000 was already close. But we did not expect that within literally a few days there will be a surge in the activity of our entrepreneurs and this height will be passed.

    This is the result of the well-coordinated work of the OJSC “GF” and partner banks. Thus, the statistics confirm the high demand for the guarantee support from business. Problems with collateral are experienced by many entrepreneurs who develop promising, cost-effective business projects. And the help of OJSC “GF” is very useful.

    Guarantees amounted to 2.42 billion KGS, the loan amount exceeded 8.6 billion.

    In 2020, the rate of use of guarantees is also high. The number of guarantees is approaching one and a half thousand and amounted to 1454. The amount of guarantees is 747 million, the amount of loans under guarantees – more than 2.9 billion.


    The disbursement of the RKDF loan continues. As of November 4, 15 guarantees were issued for the implementation of projects of regional entrepreneurs in the amount of 40.8 million KGS, which is 41% of the loan amount.