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  • The launch of the extruded feed production in the Ysyk-Ata district

    On August 27, 2020, the production of the extruded feed was launched in the Ysyk-Ata district. The event was opened by the Chairman of the Management Board of the OJSC “Guarantee Fund” Malik Abakirov.

    Aralbek Abdyrasulov was previously engaged in feeding sheep using the stall keeping method on his farm near Bishkek. Having received a loan under the guarantee of the Guarantee Fund, the farmer purchased 2 extruders for the preparation of feed with a production capacity of 400 kg/hour.

    During his acquaintance with the production process, M. Abakirov expressed confidence in the implementation of the tasks set by Aralbek Abdyrasulov. “The opening of such enterprises opens up a real opportunity for increasing the export of meat to the markets of neighboring states, increasing the revenue side of the budget, solving the issue of employment of the population” – said M. Abakirov. “The production of extruded feed was launched thanks to the program “Intensive Sheep Breeding” developed by the OJSC “Guarantee Fund”, and today we already see the results of the support we provided within the project. Therefore, we are ready to further support our entrepreneurs in the implementation of their plans, ideas and initiatives,” added the head of the Guarantee Fund.

    “Extruded feed allows to reduce the period of time for the sheep to gain weight, reducing the feeding period from 130 days to 90-100. The feed produced by me is twice as nutritious and is better absorbed – by 85-90% “- A. Abdyrasulov told about the advantages of extruded feed.

    If until today the farmer used an apparatus with a capacity of 60 kg/hour and used feed only for his own needs, today A. Abdyrasulov is busy solving the issue of selling his products.

    The farmer is convinced that the feed he produces will be in demand among domestic farmers; he plans to purchase additional necessary equipment and increase feed production. “Thanks to the support of the Guarantee Fund and the project developed by it, I was able to realize my plans, but I still have some promising ideas, and I still count on help and cooperation with the Guarantee Fund,” Aralbek Abdyrasulov said.



    OJSC “Guarantee Fund” awarded a number of its employees

    On the eve of the Independence Day of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Guarantee Fund held a ceremony of awarding certificates and letters of gratitude to its employees.

    Making a speech, the Chairman of the Management Board of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” M.-A. Abakirov congratulated the staff on the upcoming holiday – the Independence Day of the Kyrgyz Republic, noting the contribution of each employee to the development and activities of the fund, wished everyone good health, professional success and career growth.

    According to the order of the Chairman of the Management Board of OJSC “Guarantee Fund”, A. Kozhobaev, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, “Guarantee Fund” was awarded the Certificate of Honor of OJSC “Guarantee Fund” for special merits, high professionalism, active participation in the activities of the fund, contribution and development of the guarantee sector.

    For high professionalism, contribution to the foundation and development of the fund, conscientious and high-quality performance of their functional duties, the head of the administrative economic department A. A. Adzhibekov was awarded the Certificate of the Guarantee Fund.

    Also, for the high-quality performance of their duties and personal contribution to the development of the fund, a number of employees of the fund were awarded letters of thanks from OJSC “Guarantee Fund”.