The World Bank will allocate 250 million USD to Kyrgyz projects for economic recovery

The World Bank is ready to allocate another 250 million USD to the Kyrgyz Republic to support private and financial sectors. This was announced at online briefing “Mitigating the Consequences of the Pandemic in Central Asia” by WB Regional Director for Central Asia Lilia Burunchuk.

“These projects in the second phase will be aimed at supporting the private and financial sector, employment, social assistance programs, education, agriculture and food security”, said Lilia Burunchuk.

She also said that over the course of several weeks, the WB provided 27 million USDto Kazakhstan, 311 million USD to Uzbekistan, 27.5 million to Tajikistan, and 21 million USD to Kyrgyzstan. Ambulances, personal protective equipment, test kits, help with medications, support for medical personnel are purchased for emergency financing allocated by the Kyrgyz Republic for emergency financing.

In total, the World Bank (WB) in the first stage allocated $387 million to Central Asian countries to combat coronavirus infection.